Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

Because you’re exceptionally anal about the toastiness level of your toast.

toasterOr maybe you’re just the kind of person who likes to watch the dryer as it tumbles and you could use a new target for your stares, or you’re the kind of person who likes appliances with retro-futuristic names.

Or maybe you’re all three, in which case: jackpot. Behold, the Magimix Vision Toaster. It’s your lucky day, weirdo!

9 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. This makes the toaster I bought for 12 bucks at Target seem so inadequate. How do I really know how well toasted the bread is from the top?

  2. This would be bad news bears for me if I was still in the part of my life when hash was involved. I WAS the person who could watch a brightly coloured item go around and around in the dryer. And if I had had this? I would’ve just used up all the bread in the house making toast.

  3. Just what is so anal about monitoring your toast to see that it reaches the proper level of toastiness? Would you not watch a batch of caramel to assure that the molten sugar achieved the proper degree of caramelization? Maybe some of us take our toast more seriously than others. And perhaps,just perhaps, we need intensive psychoanalysis, but is that any reason to mock us??? Besides, that is a really cool toaster. Absurdly over priced, but really cool…

  4. so! hard! to clean!

    the glass is double paned, and they rotate out for cleaning. you have to use some kind of towel-wrapped-around-a-chopstick in order to get in there and clean.

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