Liveblogging Top Chef Masters: FINALE

topchefmasters1And so, a tedious season comes to an end, after Jonathan threw in the emotional towel last week.

Somehow, I’ve ended up rooting for Rick Moonen. I AM ROOTING FOR RICK MOONEN HERE. I’ll take a Susur win too, but will be SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED at a Marcus win. Which is probably what will happen.

Next week, real Top Chef comes back, huzzah! Kelly Choi can mercifully return to curating her collection of oversized hair accessories.

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Liveblogging Top Chef Masters: Episode 9

topchefmasters1And then there were four. It’s time for a party, everyone! Specifically, a sausage fest.

Tonight, my challenge will be to try and make sense for the entire hour, for I am still not fully recovered from Monday’s x-treme festivities. If you suddenly see lsknfoiwneosinkjsndgkshf in the middle of the post, it means I’ve keeled over and my head has hit the laptop keyboard; hopefully Brian will notice quickly and will jab me awake with a sharp stick.

And the chefs’ challenge: Cookbook Smackdown!

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Congratulations Frederick: your winning guess of 72 pounds came the closest without going over our actual total of 74.8! Email your mailing address to michelle at thursdaynightsmackdown dot com, and your journal will be on its way.

Thanks to all who played!