Smoke-a-Thon IV: In Pictures



The menu. Read it and drool.




Three-potato and onion salad.


Pulled pork. Not pictured: the garlic-laden accompanying mojo made by our most excellent neighbors Carlos and Juanita.


Red cabbage, cilantro and buttermilk slaw.


Spiced chickpea and orzo salad with apricots, pistachios and mint.


Plate you wish you had, the first.


Plate you wish you had, the second.


Mrs. Morales’ flan. Thanks, Mrs. Morales!


Brownies from the Tartine cookbook. Best. Brownies. Ever.  Thanks, LeeAnne!


Baby fauxhawk!

All in all: a bitchin’ party.

20 thoughts on “Smoke-a-Thon IV: In Pictures

  1. I just finished dinner, was stuffed, but now looking at this I’m fucking hungry again!
    Next year, could you post this in the morning? I hate going to bed hungry……..

    Is it just the new camera, or does the food at this event really get so way much more awesome every year?

  2. Oh man, that’s little Gabriel there!! Sweet. ALL the food was awesome!!!! Thank you for a wonderful day!

  3. oh my goodness…wonder if the pictures will inspire the hubby to smoke something later this year…like…right after we get back from dropping the kids in MI for a month…

    And, I’ll have you know I just went back in the archives to find that banana pudding recipe. And got hungrier from last years pics!!

    It looks wonderful, well done!

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  5. I was afraid to look, so good but unattainable… but how could I help myself?
    drool and tears on my work here…

  6. Kay’s got the right idea. Booze makes crashing okay. I will bring braised wild boar shoulder too…and make a taco bar out of it…shoot, if I just set up a taco truck in the street I bet I could barter for some ribs…ribs…slathered in sauce…giggity.

  7. Karen, if you click on the link underneath the picture of the orzo salad (where it says “Spiced Chickpea and Orzo Salad with apricots, pistachios and mint”), you will find the recipe.

  8. That chickpea and orzo salad spoke to me this morning as I was reading my blogs. It just so happened I needed to make a salad to bring to a barbecue tonight. I had all the ingredients in the pantry and mint in my garden so I put it together this afternoon. And, now, barbecue over, empty bowl returned home, I have to make it again because I didn’t get any! All I got was requests for the recipe!

    I hope you recover from porkfest 2010 soon. The pictures were definitely drool worthy.

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  10. Good times!
    Also a big fan of something not listed here: the cantaloupe/lime/jalapeno/basil salad. perfecto!

  11. I broke my blogreading fast to check you out again, lady. Thank you for all that amazing food! Next time I’ll withhold the brownielove long enough for us to carry a real conversation. <3

    (also i finally have my own room to deck out and am looking all over the place for something like your entryway tadpole art – alas, to no avail)

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