Liveblogging Top Chef Masters: Episode 6

topchefmasters1And then there were seven.

Carmen was sent packing back to her (presumably) tiny house last week. Who will be next? How much weed will Jonathan Waxman smoke? Who will cut him or herself on Susur’s cheekbones? Will Rick Moonen ever be vaguely happy about anything? How many times will a Sex and the City 2 commercial make me want to put out my eyes?

Also: Hank Azaria! W to the O to the OT.

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Liveblogging Top Chef Masters: Episode 5

topchefmasters1First run at the champions’ round tonight, and I’ve mostly forgotten who’s going to be there. Hang on…
– Susan Feniger
– Tony Mantuano
– Carmen Gonzalez
– Marcus Samuelsson
– Rick Moonen
– Jonathan Waxman
– Jody Adams
– Susur Lee

I totally remembered that and DID NOT have to look it up. I’m pulling for Waxman, who’s really the only sensible choice.

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