Smoke-a-Thon IV: Chicken


Phase 3: Chicken thighs. Second only to the pulled pork, because: smoked chicken skin. Get in me, smoked chicken skin.


Chicken thighs in their natural habitat, a foil baking tray.

smoked, 1

Chicken thighs in their REAL natural habitat.

smoked, 2

After several hours.

smoked, 3

Behold the crisp, smoky excellence.

pulled, 1

The pull-master goes to work…

pulled, 2

…and then gets some neighbors in on the job.

Tomorrow: Chicken thighs in their purest natural habitat, drenched in honey-bourbon sauce and transferred to my gut. And then, DENOUEMENT.

5 thoughts on “Smoke-a-Thon IV: Chicken

  1. And by “denouement,” do you mean the denouement of your belt buckle, after eating all these amazing-looking meat parts? Because that is what it would mean for me. If I wore belts.

  2. Inquiring minds want to know…is there also the brandy cream banana pudding or whatever it was from last year? That stuff fascinated me, just reading about it.

  3. Instant food lust…dear god, it’s torture looking at these pictures. You are truly one sadistic bitch!

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