I meant to post this yesterday, but WordPress decided I needed the night off and locked me out of the blog. Thank you, unnecessarily paternalistic software!

pott86-01_lgThis is not awesome shit that I want. This is CRAZY shit that I want explained to me, because I see no use for INTENTIONALLY NON-UTILITARIAN FLATWARE that costs – are you ready for this? no, you’re not – more than $1200.

$1214, to be exact. And let’s face it, it’s the extra fourteen bucks that really breaks the camel’s back.

YOU FAIL, unusable flatware. You are $1214 worth of fail.

So: explain this to me. I am obviously a philistine.

9 thoughts on “Just…Whoa.

  1. For FIVE pieces?!? I’m pretty sure you have to live in a land beyond mad to understand that level of materialistic crazy.

  2. PT Barnum was right and we need to figure out:

    1. who the idiots with money are
    2. how to separate the aforementioned two.

  3. Man, just the description of it on that website pisses me off. It’s just stupidass art-speak. And I should know, I was a painting major. Cripes.

  4. one word–“signaling”, yes?

    “I have enough money to afford household objects whose construction defies conventional understandings of their functionality, and will pay through the teeth for the privilege–thus bringing the cycle of irrationality to a most (personally) satisfying climax. …also, my servants feed me by hand.”

    … and every time someone buys a set, a critical theorist dies of hypocrisy.

  5. I love that if you wanted to buy these you would have to click on “Acquire” not buy or purchase or whatever, but acquire :)

  6. Know this is an old post, but I just saw it and had to say…They *are* sterling silver, so that would make them very expensive, even if they looked like they had been through the garbage disposal.

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