Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

butter 2

Everything’s better with butter.

butter 1I’ve been on the lookout for a butter dish, and several TNS Facebookers recommended the French butter keeper. So then I was on the lookout for a French butter keeper, but couldn’t really find one I’d want to leave out on my kitchen counter.

Enter Etsy!

Thanks to barbdunshee, I can have a poppy, beautifully detailed (if a bit spendy for a butter dish) French butter keeper that will scream to the world that I have a mod aesthetic* while keeping my butter fresh!

Yay for butter!

*I don’t, but that’s beside the point.

3 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. I keep my butter in the fridge, where a precious butter keeper would get no viewing. Maybe I oughta store it on the counter so I can justify keeping it in something prettier than a lime-green ramekin.

  2. In the summer (the 3 or 4 weeks that we actually have summer) I’ve often thought French butter dish would be a very nice thing to have. But I want mine in stoneware rather than porcelain, please. (There’s a company in Oregon that is selling very nice looking French Bell jars for about half the price of the Etsy one and about twice the price of the one Vera saw).

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