Awesome Shit That I Want Monday


If I had my druthers, everything in my kitchen would be on little pedestals of varying heights.

small-turquoise-mini-pedestal.2I would have endless counterspace, space for dozens of little pedestals to hold heads of garlic, little cruets of oil and vinegar, ramekins of salt. It would run the risk of looking like a crazy person’s kitchen, which would be fitting because it would be a crazy person’s kitchen, but it would be eclectically picturesque and not at all insane.

With the money I didn’t spend on my imaginary poured concrete countertops and Aga stove, I would buy these Iacoli & McAllister pedestals made of old candlesticks that have been powdercoated and topped with platters.

Also, this is all happening in a townhouse in central London, with identical kitchens in Rome and Bali.

6 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. I’d settle for a Viking. Stove, I mean.Although a big strapping blond guy in a funny hat with horns on it might not be bad, or even Brett Favre, who looks damn good in that Wrangler commercial. But the blue pedestals (which is NOT an intuitive spelling, btw, as I just typed it wrong, knew it was wrong, but had to scroll back up to see what was right — you WERE right, weren’t you?) are pretty cute. And how’s THAT for a stream-of-consciousness comment?

  2. I’m staring at the construction of this pedestal and mentally inventorying all the old candle-sticks my grandmother has been asking me to take for yearssss. Hmmmmm.

  3. nancy, one day, one day…and i probably still won’t have one. but i’ll still have the dream.

    kay, well played. and i’d also “settle” for a viking stove.

    forkful, that’s what i’m saying.

    holly, right? i’ve been collecting old brass candlesticks for years and displaying them as-is, like a rube.

  4. I have to wonder why they powder coat the candlestick holders. They’d be so much warmer-looking in the original brass.

    For my crazy person’s kitchen, I’d like wooden chopping block countertops please. And one marble for making pastry.

    (Thank you VERY much. I didn’t know about Aga before. As much as I’d hate *ha* to give up the 1970s electric McClary that came with the house, now I want an Aga too.)

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