Eating Out: The Brick Wall Tavern


In good ol’ Asbury Park, New Jersey.


Beers. Their drink selection is on point. So I had a Bass Ale, like a dullard.

scary sammie

Roast beef, turkey, swiss and coleslaw on pumpernickel with truly kick-ass onion rings.

filet mignon sammie

Filet mignon, blue cheese, frizzled onions with a side of yes, tater tots. Because I like to keep it classy.


And cooked just right.

oh no!Unfortunately, Brian was then abducted by eye-less demons outside the Museum of the Paranormal, but at least we’d had a nice lunch first.

Brickwall Tavern and Dining Room
522 Cookman Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ 07712

7 thoughts on “Eating Out: The Brick Wall Tavern

  1. You write very well, and it’s so humorously done too. Unfortunately I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the harsh language (I know, I’m pretty sheltered). Other than that, great site, and yum food!

  2. Fuckin’ Triple A, those sandwiches look great. Tater tots are on my short list of processed food products that I’m willing to buy because honestly I just have no idea how I’d make them myself.

  3. mmmm must admit that I love me some tator tots — we do sloppy joes and tator tots occasionally for “retro dinner night”

  4. angela, thanks! yeah, i write like i talk, and that means it gets a little salty. i hope you’ll still visit!

    fuzzy, they were awesome, made more so by tater tots. i love a damn tater tot.

    heather, who doesn’t? the burger shack next door sells ’em in paper sacks for a buck fifty. it’s all i can do not to stop in every day.

  5. God it’s been years since I’ve been to Asbury Park. This post is making it look kinda promising to revisit the relatives. That food is right in my zone.

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