Awesome Shit For People Too Lazy To Sit The Hell Up


That is, for people like me.

night-drink-alex-gil-1Because you know, when you’re all comfy in bed, sometimes the desire for sip of water is in stiff competition with the desire not to get out of your snuggly bed cocoon. And up until now, one position always came out the loser.

No more! Because now there is an (undoubtedly overpriced) ceramic object that makes it possible to fulfill both desires at once!

Let us profusely thank Minimally Invasive‘s Amy, who brought this Design Milk post to my attention.

If its usage is unclear, see the illustration below.


Awesome! Being lazy! Ceramic! Naps! Everything I love, in one perfect little package. I’ll take two.

13 thoughts on “Awesome Shit For People Too Lazy To Sit The Hell Up

  1. How do you get the water to stop flowing out when you’ve finished drinking, though? Siphon action would dictate that the water will continue to flow, unless I’m missing something… In short, I am unconvinced (although maybe preventing rain on someone’s parade/bedclothes).

  2. Interesting idea, although the siphon thing really could be a problem.. You’d have to be alert enough to remember to blow into the spout after you drink, so the remaining liquid doesn’t drain out. Personally, I’d probably have a perpetual puddle problem.

  3. I think if you cover the top hole with your hand (as shown in the illustration), you’d be able to cover and uncover it to regulate the flow. It’s hard work being lazy.

    But I want one anyway!

  4. The “cover the top hole” thing works as long as you don’t take your hand off the hole. If you want to set it down, my recommendation is that you pucker your lips and blow whatever is in the tube back into the reservoir, then set it down.

  5. Really all you’d have to do is sip just until the water reaches your mouth and then immediately tip it back (that is, down toward your chest). As long as the resevoir isn’t full, the water would no longer cover the hole on the resevoir end completely thereby breaking the suction, and your mouth would only fill with the contents of the tube. See? Easy! Sign me up!

  6. I’d shrug this product off without a second thought if I wasn’t at home doped up on NyQuil spilling water on myself cause getting up makes me hurt.

  7. The illustration looks like a guy sucking on someone’s artery. Apparently my brain is registering cannibalism.
    And somehow I do not think that cannibalism lends itself to laziness…

  8. I want to know how it sits on your night stand? It looks rounded and the “sucking tube” is hanging below the “tank” so to speak. So does the tube end hang over the side of the stand? Looks like this could create a problem for those of us with several pets of various heights and levels of obedience.

  9. I’m really glad you included the illustration, because I was totally not getting how this was supposed to work. And, because it is the end of the work day and I’m drowsy from being too warm and having insomnia, I did not have good reading comprehension. You’d be appalled, or maybe not, at what I thought that device was to be used for.

    It is definately time to go home where I have a fine beef stew base in the crock pot. Add potatoes, mix up the dumplings, and life is good.

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