Liveblogging Top Chef Masters: Episode 4

topchefmasters1Tonight on TCM: Chefs Debbie Gold, Jody Adams, Maria Hines, Rick Tramonto and Susur Lee. Rick Tramonto looks jolly, and Susur Lee looks like the younger cousin of the evil old man from Big Trouble in Little China. Jody Adams looks like your spinster aunt who collects porcelain dolls. They’ll all battle it out to move on to the next round.

And by “battle it out” I mean “design a goddamn fruit plate.”

Sigh, Bravo.

Unfortunately, my cable is out – thanks, Comcast, for sucking so very badly – so I won’t be there.

Liveblogging Top Chef Masters: Episode 3

topchefmastersTonight: 6 of last season’s losers return to have their vengeance: Rick Moonen, Wylie Dufresne, Graham Eliott Bowles, Mark Peel, Jonathan Waxman and Ludo Lefebvre.

Thankfully, there’s not a Chiarello in sight.

Ludo “I can make a better taco than Rick Bayless” Lefebvre is back and likely just as delusional and jackassy as he was the first time around, and Bowles is out for some greasy Dufresne blood, so let’s hope for an exciting episode with some actual competition.

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