7 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. I’m right there with ya! How can I go all winter without getting so much as a sniffle. I avoided all the germs the kids and hubs brought home and spewed about the house in their coughing and sneezing fits. But now, I’ve been hacking and sneezing and stuffed up for 3 weeks! It really sucks!

  2. I actually used the phrase “sticks in my craw” the other day. Random.

    Also! Yes! I skipped the traditional awful awful winter-hack that I always get and am now enjoying the nonstop fever and other assorted problems. Blargh.

  3. Aw feel better! Here we are at “severe pollen levels”, like a layer of pollen on the CAR the other day. Darn drought ending rains, now shit is growing and stuff….

  4. Colds suck…however, I’m merely hungover. Got my first day off in six weeks; started bar-hopping at three in the afternoon; finished at three in the morning when my friends at Lucky Star made me drag my drunken friend home.

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