Not a Supermom

Okay, fine, so technically I’m not ANY kind of mom. Whatever, let’s move on.

I thought that with enough careful planning, I could figure out how to keep up my posting schedule and maintain my life, i.e., nap. As it turns out, no matter how well you plan, the day remains but 24 hours long, which is proving to be a problem, and sometimes I would like to do something other than nap, like walk the dogs or read a book or take a different kind of nap (e.g., couch vs. bed vs. comfy chair).

So: the Smackdown remains. Awesome Shit remains. Once Top Chef starts up again, liveblogging remains. But other nights, Tight Ass Tuesday included, are going to become sometime-features instead of regulars, because I’m not in a position to turn the blog into my life. Unfortunately. Or fortunately, depending on how you look at things.

Tonight I ordered in and I’m watching American Idol and IT IS AWESOME.

11 thoughts on “Not a Supermom

  1. You’re right, Idol is workin’ it tonight.

    Also, kudos on your i.e. vs. e.g. savvy. I’m exactly the type of nerd that appreciates those things.

  2. As much as I love your blog, I will not deny you a lifeā€¦. as long as I still get a peek once in awhile. Do not feel guilty and come back refreshed and ready to snark!

  3. Denying us your wit and charm will only make us want you MORE! It is a brilliant marketing (and dating) strategy. In all seriousness, good for you for taking back part of your life- blogging is weird like that, huh? :)

  4. Ok, I saw your tweet and outright panicked because I thought you might have full-on stopped blogging. Ok. Whew. Catching my breath. Seriously. Because though I almost never comment, I read religiously, and your blog makes me very very happy. Go on. Live your life. Just don’t leave us. *sniffle*

  5. no worries, all, because thursday night smackdown would be nothing without the smackdown itself. and watch, now that i’ve taken the pressure off myself, i’ll probably end up writing more.

    or not. it WAS nice getting that take-out.

  6. You could always blog about the takeout…on second thought, that’s probably a really bad idea if you want to get some of your life back. Be well!

  7. Speaking of American Idol…can you please explain to me why Tim Urban is still on the show?? He’s managed to avoid elimination several times, while two of the more talented girls (Lily and Lacey) have been kicked off. What is that about??

  8. Good for you, but I don’t even want to try getting through Top Chef without your commentary, so yay for that!

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