Tight Ass Tuesday: Did Not Suck


Poblano and mushroom quesadillas with pepper jack.


Does suck: me, today.


That’s why I’m only writing one sentence at a time.


And I didn’t even eat this dinner, but I hear it was good.


But hey: look at the benefits for you. No run-on sentences, endless parentheticals or pointless asides.


(Although I know you secretly miss them.)*

*Yes, you do.


Hopefully I’ll be back on my game Friday. This is what you get sometimes when your blogger is a Crazie.

Over and out.

7 thoughts on “Tight Ass Tuesday: Did Not Suck

  1. *yes, I do.
    looks really good though, for a suck-day meal! well, for any-day meal, no need to categorize it.

  2. Aww… sorry to hear that things are sucking. Well, rather, that you have emotional turmoil. That is teh suck. The food looks awesome tho!

  3. finally found a moment to come back. life sucks here too. maybe its the unseasonably warm weather. i want winter back.

  4. cynic, yeah, i wish i could have eaten in!

    kat, thanks. you’d think i’d be used to turmoil by now. maybe soon. oh, well.

    amy, maybe it’s all the medication.

    canio6, any haiku is welcome here.

    holly, that would be a tasty addition. go forth, and do it.

    deb, oh, i’ll take your warm winter. this endless winter is sucking out my will to live.

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