Tight Ass Tuesday: The Only Cure is More Cowbell


Michelle has a fever, and the only cure…is a guest post.


Truth be told, Michelle does not have an actual fever.  Unless Olympic Fever is now recognized by the AMA, in which case Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Roche are probably working overtime trying to find a cure.  The thing is, Michelle is busy working at the kitchen table tonight so she asked me, her non-blogger spouse, to put up a post about the ridiculously delicious dinner she made.  The above picture may look like something the dog threw up after eating a pound of not-so-fresh snow in the backyard, but trust me.  That was some good shit.


Here is an irrelevant but interesting fact:

Michelle watches Olympic sports that she doesn’t even like.  Like the biathlon.  A sport in which crazy people trek miles through the snow on uncomfortable and unwieldy skis, take occasional breaks to shoot at things with air rifles, drool like Saint Bernards as they cross the finish line, and then pass out in the snow so that all the other “racers” have to dodge the bodies as they come in.  Sorry, biathletes.  I’m sure your sport is extremely physically demanding and steeped in rich Nordic tradition, but it looks dumb.  And Michelle watched it.

Another interesting fact:  I got home as dinner was almost finished.  I picked up some heavy cream on the way home, as directed, so I know there’s some of that in there.  But then I went downstairs to change into more comfortable clothes – a dirty t-shirt and some REALLY dirty jeans –  and when I got back to the kitchen my bowl of soup was waiting for me.

Which was kind of awesome.


Based on the pictures and my unrefined tastebuds, I can tell you that she blended up the leftover squash from our Smackdown meal from a few days ago, simmered it with the broth in which it was cooked, and added some cream.  Also, she took a bunch of the chickpeas (which I friggin’ LOVE) and fried them up in a pan with some salt and cayenne to add some extra texture to the soup.  I munched on some of these little guys on their own and I would advise you to make some.  Right now.  For real.

The dinner, when eaten as intended with chickpeas in the soup, was outstanding.  Creamy squash with little pockets of crunchy, spicy goodness.  I devoured it as if I hadn’t eaten an enormous tuna salad and egg club sandwich for lunch just a few hours ago followed by roughly five cups of coffee.  Because I am a glutton?  Maybe.  But also because acorn squash soup with spicy fried chickpeas is my new favorite food.

One more interesting fact:  I have a habit of saying that the last food I ate was my favorite food.  It’s a stupid and annoying habit, I know.  That’s one of the many reasons I don’t write a food blog.  But in all honesty, anything with chickpeas could go into the My Favorite Food category.  Also, almost anything with sesame, just in case you wanted to show up at my house with something for me.


Michelle will return later in the week.  Tomorrow or Thursday or something, I don’t know.  Until then, let’s hope her Olympic Fever doesn’t get any worse.  I get decent health insurance from my office, but I don’t know if this is considered a pre-existing condition.

Ed. – I’ll be back on Thursday, but alas, tonight is a working-from-home and not a blogging-from-home night. And tomorrow is not a cooking night because I will be attending the New York premier of Shutter Island like a FANCY FANCY person. Also, how does Brian know I watched the Biathlon? BECAUSE HE WATCHED IT, TOO. So there.

13 thoughts on “Tight Ass Tuesday: The Only Cure is More Cowbell

  1. I too, suffer from Olympic Fever. I never watch any sports of any kind, ever. Ever. But when the Olympics are on, whether Summer or Winter, I have to watch any time I’m near a television. It doesn’t matter if it’s curling or hockey or ice dancing, I can’t help myself.

  2. Acorn squash soup is really yummy…I must try the chickpea addition!
    As for the Olympics, it needs a ball (can be replaced with a puck) or a finish line to be considered a true sport, the rest is “exhibition” but we watch it all…only switching channels to watch the Cavs or Kentucky basketball. Don’t you wanna come to my house???

  3. I’m submitting an application to be your date and to be xtra xtra fancy with you to the premier. I actually do have a fever though. So not only am I xtra fancy, I am xtra hot. I hear they like that in the famous people’s world.

  4. Husband of Smackdown is too cute for words. His picture descriptions are hilarious! We don’t have Olympic fever, we have Toyota fever. Symptoms include lots of crying and throwing up. I am making this soup immediately. I’ll bet it’s a cure for something.

  5. The only thing that ails me is my unrequited curiousity about the GINORMOUS Shutter Island premiere… How was the red carpet? Was the movie as freaky as the trailer leads one to believe? Did you rub elbows with film royalty? Your rabid fans, or at least me, need to know!

  6. anna, i can help myself with ice dancing. i don’t know what it is about it, it just bores me to tears. not that that should be an excuse, the luge normally bores me to tears as well but i’ll watch that.

    erika, oh, television.

    julie, ooh, basketball. surefire way to put me right to sleep.

    crunchy chickpeas = now a required element of winter squash soups chez TNS.

    jodi, non-transferable tickets, sucka!

    holy, he says thanks!

    karen, in my defense, i was working. (while watching the olympics.)

    burkie, curling pushes the boundaries of my olympic fever.

    junecutie, he is an exemplary example of husbandry, that’s for sure. and i’m sorry for your toyota fever. soup will help.

    amanda, i’m sorry, thursday night smackdown is eat-in only.

    sarahbicky, (1) not as scary as the trailers make it out to be, but a good movie and (2) i sat near many famous people, including three seats down from michelle williams and 3 rows behind leo. but most importantly, 2 row behind ben kingsley.

    theresa, it’s hard not to love a one-handled soup vessel. because, you know, single handle. double-handled soup vessels are for SQUARES.

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