Roll out the red carpet, we're having company.

A few weeks ago, maybe more, I SHOCKED THE WORLD when I confessed that mayhaps, sometimes, just a little, I get blog block.

Most people advised me to take a break, but I decided to go with the less-recommended POWER THROUGH option because I am a POWERING THROUGH sort of gal.

So, that kinda worked. But only kinda. I’m still a little blocked, something I’m chalking up to not being able to figure out how to have this blog and a life wherein I have a full-time job and get to take naps and watch Fringe and still get to sleep at night like a normal human. I really love naps, and I miss them. Probably it will involve advance planning, which is not really my forte, I’m far better at flying by the seat of my pants, but I WILL DO IT FOR THE PEOPLE.

Anyway, I’m going to take a little breaky-poo while I try to figure this “planning” shit out. Just a week or so, no reason to riot in the streets (and I may be around this weekend, because I don’t know what’s good for myself.) Next week, you’ll be treated to a bevy of people I’ve suckered into writing for me beloved guest bloggers, some of the people I would love to read if I could figure out the whole 24-hours-in-a-day-plus-naps thing.

I REALLY like naps.

And I’m going to take one RIGHT NOW. See you in a week or so, boyz and girlz.

13 thoughts on “Roll out the red carpet, we're having company.

  1. Enjoy yourself Michelle – look forward so seeing you when you get back – wish I could learn to nap & still sleep at night.

  2. I still have to figure out how to balance two blogs and still have a life. It came to a point a couple of years ago that I realized I was living my life in blogs. I had to step away from the computer!

    When I have a blog block on my food blog, I just steal recipes from other bloggers and blog about them.

    Enjoy your nap!

  3. I hope you can figure it out because I think I like reading your blog as much as you like napping! I’d hate to see you have to give up Fringe (altho sometimes it creeps me out enough that I have a hard time napping afterwards!)

    Sleep well!

  4. Naps are the inventions of the Gods themselves. It’s not worth chewing through the restraints if you can’t have a nap…. We’ll be here when you come back.

  5. Nappers. We rank right up there with the theives, whores, and gluttons. I think the college students will thank you for a week off, as well. Enjoy.

  6. Ooh….I love naps too, and I get very cranky when I haven’t had a nap in awhile. Enjoy your nap(s), and when you wake up, we’ll be right here.

  7. Have a great break – you certainly deserve it after both entertaining and educating the shit out of your readership so solidly for so long!

  8. Nick calls them ” Noopers” ….Short little naps taken at unplanned times…..Then there is the Southern Belle NAPS, that take a whole afternoon, usually on a Sunday…..when you wake up you have no idea what day or time it is….Enjoy!!!!

  9. I’m suffering from writer’s block myself at the moment…hell, reader’s block too. Thus I feel your pain, and approve the break wholeheartedly!

    If I may, a suggestion for when you return: Fringe blogging. Think of it! You could replicate Walter’s creepy shakes, or perhaps adopt a pet cow for your sidekick? That show is a veritable treasure trove of creepy new culinary themes.

  10. Naps! Well, does sipping a tad too much bourbon and falling asleep over the rough draft of a new menu count? Have a nice one; We’ll be here when you wake up. Remember what the dormouse said? Feed your head! By the way, Ray Bradbury wrote a wonderful book on creativity which I would highly recommend if I could remember the title.

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