Come on now, no one needs to see that.

No, really. Brian goes on work travel for a few days, and I completely degenerate. I will be totally honest: I ate a bag of pretzels and a cup of Swiss Miss pudding for dinner tonight, because I COULD NOT BE BOTHERED to make RAMEN.

THAT is degenerate, and no one needs to see it. Not that I am sorry. Because I’m not.

And it was less than $5.

20 thoughts on “Come on now, no one needs to see that.

  1. I had a granola bar and a peanut butter cookie for dinner tonight, and I don’t even have a “husband’s out of town” excuse…

  2. I’ll wait here while you go cover your face in shame. Oh, before you go, I have to ask, did you DIP the pretzels in the Swiss Miss? Or enjoy them as separate courses? Inquiring minds …

  3. My husband is going out to fancy steak place tonight (business dinner). I am making crepes for the kids and myself. Dessert for dinner is “yumptious” according to my children. And way cheaper than steak.

  4. I thought I’d make steak for me and the fam last night and ended up broiling the shite out of it. The sauteed chard with bacon and onions and papardelle with brown butter and parm were pretty good though.
    Tonight will be leftovers and scavenging. I’m too tired to cook.

  5. Depending upon your particular brand of pretzel, that could be a very hearty meal. I wouldn’t be dipping the pretzels, though. Well…unless you had a good onion dip handy…

  6. I just assumed the pretzels were dipped in the pudding. It didn’t occur to me that they would be separate courses. Huh. I feel like eating pretzels now. Dipped in pudding. I wonder if the Dude is going out tonight…

  7. for the record, the pudding and pretzels were separate courses. dipping did not occur to me.

    now if there had been nutella in the house, that would have been a different story entirely.

  8. Husband out of town this week and so far dinners have been: Chinese takeout, Cold leftover Chinese takeout, Scrambled eggs…see how it gets worse and worse as the week progresses? I’ll be at pretzels and pudding by Friday night.

  9. Migas. No, wait, that was the night before. Last night…let’s see. I don’t think I ate dinner last night because I didn’t get home until 9:30 and I said “Oh, fuck it” and had a single-malt and went to bed.

  10. i feel l ike i’m in a club with other people with missing husbands, hooray! i have eaten popcorn for dinner for a week and a half, because it’s just me. i put capers in it last night, though. totally a meal.

  11. Tonight’s dinner was popcorn, a handful of cheezits, oreo’s for dessert, and two huge glasses of orange juice. And I have no excuse of a missing husband either. Maybe your next contest/giveaway should be for the most pathetic/slothful “dinner”?

  12. You go girl, you have nothing to be ashamed of; when the cats away, you know. And just for the record, single malt makes an excellent dinner.

  13. I like to eat all of the cheese and bacon I possibly can when husband is out. Mac and cheese, spaghetti carbonara.

    Although I do remember the days before I was married and a bag of microwave popcorn was the perfect meal.

  14. At least that’s one good thing about being single – I can eat raw broccoli, popcorn, and chocolate every night for dinner when the urge strikes :P

    And for my part, I’m very happy we got to “see” this. :D

  15. Ain’t no shame. I bought all the ingredients for a delicious mexican braised snapper, and instead made fried eggs with leftover soup on top from lunch (cream of mushroom). Wish I had pretzels and pudding, though!

  16. Have no shame … my hubby travels for business quite a bit and I eat grilled cheese; egg sandwiches and sometimes beer and peanuts for dinner (been known to happen) :) I generally lose a couple pounds in a week if he’s away on business :) Have no idea why that is, other than if I’m not hungry, I don’t really eat much … when he’s home, I cook for him, and then think, well, better eat too.

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