Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

adler salt.1

Yes, Virginia, I CAN post about overpriced ceramics two weeks in a row!

adler saltI don’t own a pair of salt and pepper shakers, because my food is always so perfectly seasoned it never calls for adjustment.


I don’t own a pair because I’ve never bothered to buy a pair. Well, that and I just keep the salt out in a little ramekin. But if I were to get off my ass and get some, and I had some dough burning a hole in my pocket and I weren’t just the teensiest bit put off by Jonathan Adler, I might get these.

Jonathan Adler via Art Effect

4 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. i can’t tell which is the salt and which the pepper. at first i thought that the snake must be the pepper because pepper has a bite, but then i thought that if the snake were to bite the apple, it would leave 2 puncture holes and the pepper shaker always has 2 holes while the salt always has 3. perhaps, just perhaps, i’m overthinking these overpriced ceramic salt & pepper shakers…

  2. The best and worst part of these posts is that I link, and end up scrolling through pages of awesome shit I want but cannot afford.

  3. I suppose it’s possible that the label “awesome shit that I want…” is subliminally making me see anything but a snake shape beside the apple. But, as tempting as designer (cough) salt and pepper shakers are, I just can’t see Mrs. Junior League wanting to put a pasty white turd on her table.

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