13 thoughts on “Ain't No Fool

  1. For my holiday party this year I did vanilla Haagen-Dazs with chocolate port drizzled on top. FAN-TAS-TIC.
    And even better if you revert to 2nd grade and let it melt a bit and mix it all together like those old half-chocolate-half-vanilla cups :)
    Good ice cream never fails.
    Unless someone’s a lactard and then that’s just their problem.

  2. I’ll take full responsibility for the sugar free stuff…but please note that while I had every good intention to eat it, I opted instead for the homemade hot fudge. And it was worth it.

  3. When I go to the local ice creamery, and I hear someone order a cup of custard with “wet nuts”, it always makes me giggle out loud. Gotta love it.

  4. Holy Missing Out, Batman! What the hell rock have I been living under that I didn’t know about the existence of wet walnuts?

    My life is changing… I can feel the shift…

    Or maybe it’s just the chair giving out as my ass gets fatter.

  5. randy, it still can be delicious, if you go back over there.

    anna, that’s the first thing someone said when they saw the picture. unfortunately, the photo does not highlight the homemade hot fudge and caramel sauces.

    chessa, chocolate. port. drool.

    jodi, you and your damn gestational diabeetus, ruining my photo.

    jen, yup. yup, it was.

    irregular, it’s fund to be 12.

    kay, they were a hot mess. most of them considered of enormous bowls of whipped cream with handfuls of sprinkles over a smidgen of ice cream.

    personally, i ate a banana and a half covered in hot fudge.

    dee, for serious! you’re like tina in the other thread who’d never had peanut sauce. what’s with missing out on all the nut-based treats?

    anna, they’re walnuts in a heavy sugar syrup. which doesn’t sound that great, but they are GOOD.

  6. OK, I’m not that hopeless! I may not have ever had peanut sauce, but I LOVE wet walnut topping. Especially over top of hot fudge. Give me a little credit, for Christ’s sake!

  7. I’ve had many things in peanut sauce, so I’m not totally pathetic. I’ve just never seen wet walnuts. Weird. You’d think I would have, living in New England and loving all things syrup and walnuts the way I do…

  8. As one who was there, let me tell you all, it was GOOD! I have to do this annually. It may just be my Christmas Day fare.

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