Step It Up

Commenters Melissa, Deb and Granny – who are all deeply, deeply awesome –  will be matching whatever my grand total is. Who else is up for it? Do it all at once, do it in monthly payments, match a portion, just do it.

You can give more than you think.

14 thoughts on “Step It Up

  1. I’m in, too. Might mean giving up coffee this year, but one less vice in the name of helping others sounds like a pretty good deal. Thanks for the inspiration, Michelle!

  2. Holy crow! We’re up to $300?! Intimidating, but I’m still in. I’m not usually so spendy, but this is worth it. The reports I’m reading are just devastating.

  3. melissa, i’m not usually so spendy either – i might have to do this spread over a few months – but it’s gotta be done. thanks for hanging in there.

  4. A lot of credit to you, Michelle. I mean, we all would have donated something, but this is $1200(+?) that might not have happened without your little blog post. Well done. :-)

  5. This is truly awesome – have been to all the links you posted & all the links they posted – we are going to raise a lot of money – but it still seems like a drop in the bucket. Saying Haiti is a disaster seems like such an understatement. Well, I guess we do what we can.

  6. Michelle – I forgot to mention that the Canadian government is matching all personal donations to Haiti relief efforts !!!!!

  7. I’m so proud of all of you! Michelle, thanks for getting us started. My total is up to $76 based on my blog comments, and it’s open until next Friday at noon….

  8. I am a lurker (sad face) on your site and love your stuff and look forward to your posts. Put me down for $100 and tell me where to send it (I am still dicking around, but I will evolve.)

  9. ross, either go through the canadian gov’t, like deb says, so they’ll match your money, or give to partners in health (link in my newest post). and thank you!

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