Come on now, no one needs to see that.

No, really. Brian goes on work travel for a few days, and I completely degenerate. I will be totally honest: I ate a bag of pretzels and a cup of Swiss Miss pudding for dinner tonight, because I COULD NOT BE BOTHERED to make RAMEN.

THAT is degenerate, and no one needs to see it. Not that I am sorry. Because I’m not.

And it was less than $5.

Thanks for putting me out 394 bucks!

Actually, that’s $444 bucks, given to Doctors Without Borders (in monthly installments, because help is gonna be needed for a long time to come) and Partners in Health (one donation for immediate assistance).

394 Comments + 50 bucks in Smackdown money = $444

With our comment matchers, one of whom was matched by the Canadian government, plus another commenter who just threw in a hundred bucks that’s $2070, not counting the people who have now started doing this on their own blogs (Kay at the Keyboard is still going!).

And my black heart grew three sizes that day. COMMENCE WARM FUZZIES.

Step It Up

Commenters Melissa, Deb and Granny – who are all deeply, deeply awesome -  will be matching whatever my grand total is. Who else is up for it? Do it all at once, do it in monthly payments, match a portion, just do it.

You can give more than you think.