Awesome Shit That I Want Monday to Make My Life More French

And if I used sugar cubes and drank Absinthe. Which I don’t. But I COULD. And then, I would need these.

Maybe it was the goose, but I’m finding myself drawn to vintage French kitchen items for which I have no space, use or budget.

If you feel you have a dearth of vintage French kitchen items I suggest you hie to P.O.S.H. Chicago, where that need will quickly be sated.


For the containment of the sugar cubes. Because they must be adequately contained in an appropriate vessel. This is CLASSY SUGAR.


For the preparation of the absinthe, which also requires the appropriate vessel. To wit: "With the increased popularity of absinthe, the Absinthe Fountain came into use in the caf├ęs of France. It allowed a number of drinks to be prepared at once, and with a hands-free drip patrons were able to socialize while diluting their absinthe to taste." Because I know that if I'm forced to dilute my absinthe WHILE chatting, it gets my dander all up.

6 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday to Make My Life More French

  1. Everytime I see something like that absinsthe fountain I think, “man, it must have been really cool to live back in [whatever the time period is for the particular item].” Then, once I stop and think about it for a minute, I think, “geez, that seems like a lot of effort and pretense for simply drinking a little liqueur.” And then I begin to wonder what excessive affectation from our era will seem endlessly cool a century from now.

    My money’s on the chocolate fountain, once seen only at cheesy wedding receptions and now available on the aisles of your neighborhood Target . . .

  2. I love these. When my friends Gramps died years while ago her Mom found one of these in his attic carefully packed away complete with drip spoons. Her mother did some research to find out what it actually was. Seems Gramps must have had some fond memories and never let it go or told his kids. Her family still has it.

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