Their goose is cooked. Vraiment.


And damn, goose is GOOD.

You totally wish you could have been at my friends’ Frenchified pate-and-goose party.

But you weren’t.

So sad.

pate spread
The spread.

rillette mousseliver tiny pickles.
Duck rilette, salmon mousse, liver pate, and those tiny pickles I hate.

pate de campagne
Ridonkulous pate de campagne.

Feeling dainty.

for the drunkenness
Fruit brandies for the fortification of prosecco. TRES DANGEREUSE.

xmas goose!
The literal Christmas goose.

carving the xmas goose
Goose, hacked.

The reason for the season.

Happy Holidays!

6 thoughts on “Their goose is cooked. Vraiment.

  1. That pate de campagne is calling my name!
    Now I see why you were tring to make macarons for the occasion. I’m sure that whatever you brought, it was delicious and perfect for the party.
    I served two geese last year to B’s family but I made the mistake to tell them what we would eat ahead of time. I had all sorts of crazy reactions (they tend to stick to ham or meat for X-Mas) but everyone cleaned their plates and went back for seconds!

    Glad you had a good Christmas!

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