12 thoughts on “Minimally Worded Weekend: Post-Snow Fortification

  1. Man, I would have driven to Jersey from CT (where I was visiting for the weekend) had I known that was going to be breakfast! Yum, yum, yum!

  2. i’m glad to see christie’s comment; i don’t feel as bad for thinking the same thing. i had the same plan when i went shopping on friday before the big storm but, alas! i forgot buttermilk for the biscuits. yours look fabulous!

  3. I knew there was something special about you, Michelle. My love for biscuits and gravy knows no bounds and this looks awesome. Except for the chive. But I’ll forgive that.

  4. katie, it makes the whole thing so fast, i highly recommend it. freeze your butter for a little while first so the fopro doesn’t break it down to much.

    trillian, yes, yes you should.

    kay, it should not be 50 and sunny at the end of december, but i appreciate the offer. alas, i lack the molasses, although i am possessed of a can of steen’s pure cane syrup. does that get me anything?

    christie, it looks like that to me, too, and i wrote it.

    susan, well, time-wise is was more like lunch. a late lunch. we may have slept in.

    burkie, you are not alone.

    rachel, you have to have them together. who wants to eat biscuits and gravy in the heat?

    okay, i totally would. but i still contend that they’re more satisfying in the winter.

    edgertor, you make a roux with the fat the comes out of the sausage, and then you whisk in milk and stock to make the gravy. f’ing good.

    toylady, hell yeah it’s a chive. that’s what you do when you have to photograph a big pile of brown.

    jenn, that is the correct response.

    greg, it’s true, i am very special. i see that we share a biscuit and gravy bond. and i didn’t eat the chive.

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