Liveblogging Top Chef Vegas: Episode 11

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topchef2I didn’t bother to watch last week’s “No, we haven’t selected these past contestants for their ‘high volatility when mixed’-factor” reunion show; its only saving grace was the lack of Andy Cohen (at least I hope, for the sake of those of you who did watch).

We’re back this week, and it’s the British invasion of judges Toby Young and Nigella. Continue reading

Not Liveblogging Top Chef

topchef2Apparently, there is some sort of important sporting match being shown on the moving picture box tonight, and Bravo is airing a reunion dinner rather than a new Top Chef. Liveblogging a bunch of drunk chefs sneering at each other is not my idea of fun times, so I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.

Come to think of it, I think I just DID liveblog it:

10:01 – 11:00: Drunk chefs sneer at each other.

The end.