Ugly Mitt Voting Opens! and Autumno-WinterHolistravaganza Round Four

Voting opens today for the Ugliest Pair of Mitts. Who’s got ’em?

Also: remember this Awesome Thing? Its creator has generously donated $25 worth of free merch to one lucky reader, and everyone else gets 20% off through the end of December with the discount code TNSHoliday! (And don’t forget the other live discounts, listed in the sidebar!) I can vouch for the awesomeness of his work personally: it’s awesome.

Leave a comment with the word “GIMME” to win the free merch – you’ve got one week. And go vote!

Y’all made me feel a lot better about my nasty potholders. So tell me: who most needs a pair of new ones?

ugly mitt 5

Too precious for words. Also: ugly.

ugly mitt 4

The filthy handmade special. You know you made one of these.

ugly mitt 3


ugly mitt 2

Courtesy of the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Classy!

ugly mitt 6

The are no words.

<br /> <a href=”” mce_href=””>Which mitt makes you throw up in your mouth a little?</a><span style=”font-size:9px;” mce_style=”font-size:9px;”>(<a href=”” mce_href=””>survey software</a>)</span><br />

68 thoughts on “Ugly Mitt Voting Opens! and Autumno-WinterHolistravaganza Round Four

  1. GIMME! I’ve seen some yucky potholders before but that last one doesn’t look like it would be even remotely effective.

  2. Gimme!

    Holy cow… I think I actually had a potholder that was worse than that last one. But I threw it away finally. Ugh!

  3. GIMME a happy christmas, won’t you?!

    That last potholder was an ornament on Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, I think.

  4. Sad, sad little potholder that couldn’t. It should just be put out of its misery, but who would have the heart to do it? GIMME!!!

  5. Gimmie.

    The last one was pretty durn bad – but I had to give the homemade beauty a little love. I mean, it took someone some serious time with a Michael’s Pot Holder Making Kit to create that – and look what it has come to … the shame.

  6. Gimme!
    But please do not gimme any of those f’ing potholders. I should of entered one of the ones we found while cleaning out Gramma’s house though. 50 years of encrusted gunk and mice poo makes a damn fine entry, but my mom threw it out before I get a shot. Foiled.

  7. GIMME! The last potholder fills me with sadness. The correctional potholder, on the other hand, fills me with glee. I don’t know why.

  8. Gimme!

    And blast it all. I completely forgot to email a picture of mine in time. I blame it on Thanksgiving, though I’m not sure it could have stood up the the Little Potholder that Couldn’t or Handmade Horror.

  9. Gimmie!!

    Also, I have a soft spot in my heart for that homemade potholder because I’m sure my mom has a similar one lovingly saved in her kitchen closet somewhere.

  10. GIMME!

    jeez. my potholders are suckier than any of these. i hide them because i am afraid to acknowledge that they may have grazed my food.

  11. GIMME -Oh I love that handmade horror – you know he/she can’t give it up because someone special made it – even though that someone special is probably saying, “Mom, throw it away already!”

  12. OK – I voted….now gimme! I’ve seen some sorry-ass potholders, but I throw them away before they get as bad as the last one. happy holidays!

  13. GIMME! I feel such pride for my sad hand-burning potholders now. They may hold their heads high (easy to do with all that stuck on crap!).

  14. Gimme!!

    Seriously, I had a difficult time believing that one potholder could withstand all the abuse of that last one…and remain in a household.

  15. gimme (had to)

    The poor Strawberry/fruit potholder never had a chance with that last horror. You know, it’s contests like these that make me wonder if someone keeps those things out of sheer morbidity, or the chance of entering (and winning) a contest like this.

    Kind of like those stinkiest shoe contests…someone is ACTUALLY wandering around with a pair of tennies so filthy you can’t tell the original color of the duct tape holding them together?

    Anysnooch, “There are no words” definitely deserves a new pair, because holy hand grenade of Antioch, I want to take a shower from looking at the photo.

  16. I stole the homemade horror from my mom’s drawer a few years ago. When I asked her if I made it she said “probably” So much for sentimentality. That would put the carbon dating in the mid to late 1950’s.

    Well, even though it’s not going to win, I will continue to love (and use) it. I also LOVE the Ark Dept of Corrections one…and I live in Arkansas! Guess I’ll have to stop by the gift shop next time I go.

  17. Gimmie! I visualized each of these monstrosities lying on my kitchen counter and decided that the pig’s head disturbed me the most. Eeyuugh.

  18. gimme :)
    please tell me there’ll be a ceremonial burning of the “winning” potholder.
    the last one is definately the grossest… but i judged by which one id least want to be anywhere near my food, and the surprise winner was the homemade horror. maybe its the wan, pukey color. at least the last one is attempting some pathetic cheer.

  19. Please don’t burn the ‘winner’ of the poll. I’d worry about the fumes produced killing off all life in a three mile radius.

    Gimme a T! T!
    Gimme an N! N!
    Gimme an S! S!
    TNS! TNS! Rah Rah Rah!
    TNS! TNS! Sis-boom-bah!
    Yay… giveaways!

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