9 thoughts on “They really love their GLEE up in New Paltz

  1. Heh. In my neighborhood, somebody has stuck those adhesive mailbox letters to a stop sign, so that we all remember to STOP VOLDEMORT.

    It’s a few years old, of course, but still bears remembering!

  2. For quite a while, there was an outbreak of “Collaborate & Listen” spray paintings on Stop signs in our neighborhood. One of those rare enjoyed, and possibly encouraged vandalisms.

  3. So I just stumbled onto your website today with the snozzberry recipe, came back to the home page and knew I had struck blog gold when I saw Glee and New Paltz in the same sentence. I grew up there (whoa, hippy town) and I love my Glee as much as the next former high school drama queen :) Thanks for sharing this!

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