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It’s Friday and I’m punchy.

Let’s share! I’ll tell you the best search strings that brought people to TNS this week; you tell me yours.

  • Is Michael Chiarello really an asshole?
  • Lolllipop head syndrome*
  • Fuck Derrida**
  • Meth recipes no one wants us to have***
  • Boob cooking
  • I’m grown I do what I want
  • Rick Bayless is creepy and has fake hair.****

Now you!

*SO the name of my new barbershop quartet madrigal-Brit pop band.

**I have highly educated searchers.

***As opposed to the ones they always print in Redbook and US Weekly.

****Lies! All lies!

13 thoughts on “TMI

  1. I think because I don’t talk about my life (much) and try not to exercise my real-life sailor mouth, I don’t get that much in the way of weird searches. It’s nearly 100% food-related, with only one exception this week – not even that interesting: “bruise on arm” – BUT someone did find my site by searching for “mind blowing shortbread recipe.” My reaction was basically “oh shit” because I don’t know if the recipe I have lives up to those kinds of expectations! Don’t pressure me, anonymous searchers!

  2. make a guy in the mood without really doing anything over the phone

    make my sandwich meme sex

    wanna say tired?

    what is a milktoast town?

    How to make a sandwich for a ten month old baby


  3. here’s one from wwe this week:

    my name pamela mahi and i’ve been wondering if i i can read minds

    um… no pamela i’m guessing since you’re googling if you can read minds that ya can’t.

  4. my favorites:

    Guinea pig transgender
    colorado cock cakes
    what is the name given to a virgin pig
    can a multiple personality single mother live alone?

  5. re: lollipop head syndrome… were you bitching about giada de laurentis? i call her tweety bird sometimes. wtf her head is giantic.

  6. I’ve gotten, in the past month:

    “pork fat in hershey’s kisses”
    “ass cheeks stew”
    “bong rhyme”
    “chef fake hand michael caines”
    “food for dreadlocks”
    “duck porn”
    “how animal act spiteful”
    “killer fuckin lo mein recipe”
    “my mom was no vinegar”
    “oil spill rhymes”
    “slutty chef costume”
    “spiteful things to do to husband”
    “teenage pert and puffy”
    “sticky icky chicago”

  7. “humidity sucks sticker”

    “i swear i’m still alive paul mccartney”

    “(sara’s rambling) tampa”

    “garbage can self tie”


    All of these are fine. This one, however, is not: “my hot sister showering.” WHAT THE WHAT?!

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