Cop-Out Tuesday: Check out my hi-class glass, baby.

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Because sometimes, “Powering Through” means “Ordering a Pizza.”


Yes, this is a quart-sized Chinese food container filled with (a shit-ton of) ice and soda. The pizza by itself is so cheap that it doesn’t meet the pizzeria’s minimum for delivery, so I had to get a drink to bump it over the edge. And I likes my ice.

14 thoughts on “Cop-Out Tuesday: Check out my hi-class glass, baby.

  1. I would love a slice of that pizza if there are leftovers. Also, did they bring the soda in the Chinese food container? Genius.

  2. erika, i’m so sorry. between that and the fires, i don’t know how anyone can stand to live there.

    jodi, there are. and no, i poured the soda into the chinese food container myself, so i could accommodate the maximum amount of ice.

    i have a problem.

    kay, it’s the water. and our natural and unrivaled talent.

  3. I just read Karen@MIgnardise’s comment to say “I got half-baked last night and ate pizza at home” and thought – that sounds like the way to eat a NYC pizza – half baked and at home… but I guess that’s not what you meant.

  4. karen, my delivery pie was good, but would have been better had i been half-baked. but on second reading, i see that’s not what you meant.

    deb, as you can see, i read it the same way.

  5. Pennsylvania pizza just doesn’t look like that! When I was a kid there was a pizza place in Paterson (I think it was up near the falls) that was unbelievable. Of course, that was a long time ago (never mind how long ago), and it’s probably gone by now. Oh, if only they delivered to Central PA!

  6. anna, it’s from esperanto’s on jersey ave, but i wouldn’t call it “really good.” more like “esperanto’s puts a highly addictive chemical in their dough that makes you crave it fortnightly even while you recognize its inferiority.”

    mo-fo, as per above, esperanto.

    other anna, if it was not actually made in new jersey, it will not taste like it is from new jersey. schiano’s law of pizza #2.

    tina, must track down excellent patterson pizza. will investigate.

    becca, aw, thanks! i appreciate it.

  7. Yeah I know Michelle… we’re on fire, there’s mudslides, pizza sucks.. but I can wear flipflops in November and I don’t know where my winter coat is.

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