Awesome Shit That You Get Monday

It’s Round One of the First Official Autumno-WinterHolistravagazna of giveaways and retail discounts, every Monday through the middle of December!

So show me your filth!

A few weeks ago, I copped to have disgusting potholders, which I still do because I haven’t purchased new ones yet. I know that many of you, being the avid cooks you are, are also in possession of some grotesque potholders and/or oven mitts.

I want to see them. We ALL want to see them.

So: Show me your fucked-up potholders and oven mitts. They can be filthy, as mine are, or they can merely be extremely ugly; I don’t care. Post them on your own blog or, if you don’t have one (or don’t want to post them), send a photo to michelle AT thursdaynightsmackdown DOT com, subject line “My Ugly Mitt.” On 11/30, I’ll post the 5 most heinous, and y’all will have a week to vote on the butt-fugliest. The most horrific will get a set of Marimekko Unikko oven mitts in their choice of colorway.

Bring the ugly!

Props to Design*Sponge’s “Ugliest Pillow” Contest for the inspiration!

11 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That You Get Monday

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  2. Oh, I have GOT your ugly mitt. And I will bet any amount of money you wish that NO ONE ELSE will proffer a potholder from the Arkansas Department of Corrections!Photo to follow. You can put it on your blog….I don’t think I’ll decorate mine with it.

  3. Seriously! I got disgusted with my gross pot holders and oven mits of shame this past weekend and threw them all out! Dammit.

  4. Dirty potholders? No one can accuse you of not being original!

    You should extend it to stoves. I’m getting a new stove on Friday and I figure there is no reason to clean my old one. It’s nasty.

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