7 thoughts on “Yam Grit Aftermath

  1. Oh, niiiiice. The flavor combinations sound excellent. I don’t think I’ve heard of anybody frying grits, and I live in Mississippi!!!

  2. I didn’t do the green onion sauce, but I put my over-easy egg, fried in bacon fat, on top of the grits, also fried in bacon fat. Yum!

  3. anna, thanks for the approval. my stomach approved as well.

    pam, i’m sure i love you, too.

    laura, thanks. we just need a singer, a guitarist, a bassist, a horn section and a string section and we’re good to go.

    syd, it was almost as good as the original dinner. maybe a teeny bit better. we may be having it for dinner again tonight because them grits ain’t gonna use themselves up.

    kay, well played!

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