Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

I’m ba-aack! Didja miss me? Didja? Didja? Huh?


These have nothing to do with the kitchen, although I suppose I could use them in cookbooks. But I WANT them. I NEED them. They were MADE for me.

As Adam was to the Lord, so were these made in my image.*

Get them, along with a cleaner, girlier version, over at Unica Homa.

(And if you haven’t already, why not head over to FoodBuzz and nominate your favorite food bloggers for their first annual awards?)


*Going to hell = already established.

10 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. Well dammit! It’s about time you came back. Pretty fuckin’ boring without you. As for the flags, I have a few clients that I’d love to use them on. Some deserve the treatment (like notary publics who don’t know how to notarize documents), while others would simply appreciate the sentiment. Welcome back!!

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