We are here once again for our annual relocation: Southern Shores, North Carolina.

My family owns the Wave Pizza Cafe in Duck, which means ALL THE PIZZA I CAN EAT. And I gotta say, they kept some of their Jersey Roots, because they make an impressive pie. Which no one here would get, because they don’t understand that “pie” means “pizza.”

Also, in the same shopping plaza there is this:

His name is Bear, and his cuteness EATS AT YOUR SOUL.

Hobo entrants, you’ll be up tonight. We’re on vacation time now.

6 thoughts on “Duck!

  1. Thanks for letting us know about your family’s place! I’m heading to the Outer Banks in a couple weeks! Will have to check it out! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I’ll remember that next time I head out there. I’m wavin “Hi” at ya from about 4 hours west of ya in Durham.

    Enjoy….should be gorgeous out there right now, if not just a tad cool….

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