Donde esta el Smackdown?

El Smackdown no esta aqui!

That’s the extent of my Spanish (along with “Donda esta la biblioteca?” and “Yo no soy marinero, soy capitan”).  And I’m pretty sure something about it is wrong. I have enough problems with English.

And I was right about being wrong. Thanks, astute commenter Melissa!

Anyway, I counted my chickens, and I think they all hatched but some of ’em are runty. The new anti-crazie medication is working, but has knocked me flat on my ass three days counting. So here’s to another Special Edition Friday Night Smackdown – see y’alls later.

8 thoughts on “Donde esta el Smackdown?

  1. You know what’s great about a Friday Night Smackdown? You get to sleep in the next morning!

    Thanks for your awesome blog Michelle! No matter when you write or cook, hearing about it is inspiring and hilarious. :-)

  2. (I’m just going to go ahead and be that smartass who points out how stupid you are. But if it’s any consolation I will look stupid in tandem, so I think that might make up for it a little.)

    But, I think “non” is French. No such thing in Spanish. I know only because I am forced to speak Spanish in the country I live, and we never say non. I don’t know for sure that it’s French because I don’t speak a word of it.

    (If it makes up in any way for being a smartass just then, when my mom was visiting this Spanish speaking country she said “gratsi” with such enthusiasm and relish I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I thought that was Italian, not Spanish. But I didn’t know for sure because I don’t speak Italian. So there, I’m an ignorant but sometimes compassionate linguist.)

  3. kat, true, unless you have a doctor’s appointment and 9am and then have a 9-hour drive to north carolina. you know, if.

    melissa, i stand duly corrected. i often mix up spanish, french and italian. (and yes, “gratsi” is italian, spelled “gratzie.” so there.)

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