Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

I feel normal. I have felt normal now for nearly FOUR WEEKS IN A ROW. DO YOU KNOW HOW OUTSTANDING THAT IS? And I didn’t sacrifice a goat to Ba’al or anything.

This? Is a tiffin. We all know this. One uses it to bring lunch to work for two to three days before one returns to eating $3.58 soup from The Soup Spot and uses the tiffin as a decorative object, or perhaps as storage for tiny objects such as corks or coffee beans or hairpins or very small rocks.

It’s a very normal object, although it is the case that I think tiffins are awesome even while I know I’d end up not using one. Its normalcy is a tribute to my normalcy.

Are the chickens hatched? I know it’s still too soon to tell. BUT I’M COUNTING THEM, BABY. One, two, three.

Suck my ass, Bipolar Disorder.

9 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

  1. 2 things, not in order of importance:

    1. That tiffin is fucking adorable. Awesome paper clip holder, methinks.

    2. Yay for feeling normal (good, even?) 4 weeks in a row! Telling The Crazie to suck it: priceless.

  2. I? want a Tiffin soooo much! But it will get used like twice and then sit on the counter as a pretty pretty knicknack.
    I’m glad to hear that the normal is back! I only had to sacrifice a chicken to get my mental shit in order… Yay for (relative) normality!

  3. Tiffins are great in theory, and that tiffin is very pretty; however, in practice, tiffins are nice dustcatchers. I have no more room in my kitchen for counter trophies. The KA stand mixer & the ginormous knife block take up too much working space, but they’re regularly used necessities I can’t justify dislodging just for a shiny lunchbox.

    Glad to hear you’re well on the way back from the dark side. Go right ahead: count those chickens & plan a damn fine meal around them. You deserve it for all the shit you’ve been enduring.

  4. That’s too shiny for me. It might reflect my guilt right back at me when I immediately stop using it.

    My softsided lunch bag is kind enough to be squished into the cupboard when I’m avoiding my guilt!

    Glad you’re feeling well again!

  5. I’m sorry, but sacrifices to Ba’al normally consist of an unbaptized infant, not a goat. Goats are sacred to Ba’al, and should not be sacrificed unless they tick you off beyond redemption.

    Now picture me saying that while I raise my eyebrows up and down, trying to look like one of the marx brothers…

  6. maria, normal IS good. totally synonymous.

    kay and cayenne, yeah, that’s why i’m not actually buying one, even to celebrate. although as maria points out, it would make a very cute office-supply holder.

    bhl, it is very shiny. but since i also know i would fail to keep it clean, its ability to reflect guilt would be severely impaired by grease and fingerprints. it might even reflect the guilt off in a different direction. score!

    fuzzy, as the resident master of theological studies (yes, it’s an actual degree), i think i know a little about what creature one sacrifices to what deity for what end. and i was fattening up the goat.

    second kay, it’s a little robotic, yes? “abilification process complete. please reboot.” but i’m not complaining. (also: i’m still working my way through the last ice cream)

  7. Keep the goat around, just in case. Occcasionally, a relative will cause so much havoc in your life, that the abilify is stretched too far.

    One of the older gods will accept the goat. If not, you have the basics for tight ass Tuesday. Goats are remarkably useful in modern life.

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