19 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Just Got Monday

  1. syd, yes! i am awesome!

    christie, you and me both. i’m looking forward to learning how to take the lens cap off.

    laura, don’t hold your breath. see above re: lens cap.

  2. You will absolutely love having a DSLR! I’d always had 35mm SLRs, and swore I’d never go digital (I’m old and stubborn, not to mention perpetually cranky; DEAL WITH IT!). Then I got a DSLR. I would never, ever go back to film! I would definitely recommend a zoom lens also; sometimes the extra detail can make a good shot truly great.

  3. Nice! We got the Nikon D60, still figuring out how to use it. Took some awesome photos at the Grand Canyon, still trying to figure out how to use anything besides the AUTO function, lol…

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