Food on a Stick: We're a'goin' to the County Fair!

HEY! Have you entered the Jamie Oliver giveaway yet?

Is this a great intersection, or THE GREATEST intersection? You be the judge.

You can feel the nerves as fils attempts to defeat père at Whack-a-Mole, thus cementing his superiority and knocking the elder male from the top of pack leadership. You can tell how tense it was, because Brian couldn’t even bring himself to put his cup of coffee down while playing. You never know when you’ll need to hydrate. Whack-a-Mole is quite cardio-intensive.

Of course, it was a county fair, so there was food:

Just because you’re at the fair doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat your vegetables. They’re garden fresh!

Nor does it mean your canine companion should go hungry. Grrrrr!

Personally, I ate some zeppole and a piece of frozen cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate. I would have taken a picture, but I was covered in chocolate sauce and powdered sugar and the birds were starting to peck at me something fierce.

Then we gawked at people doing insane things. I assume someone paid them lots of money to participate in these activities.

To the untrained eye, it seems to have been specifically designed to use centrifugal force to push the contents of your GI tract upward and outward. Which is an especially good thing to do to people who have just eaten a bagful of fried Oreos and washed it down with a 48 ounce strawberry daquiri. At least it’s pretty at night.

Let it also be known that my spouse won me a large stuffed bear in a safari hat, and a stuffed dolphin wearing a “Property of the Jersey Shore” sweatshirt, because he is king of awesome.* Does anyone want these things? Because I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do with them.

This post was only remotely about food, and I do not apologize for that fact.

*Actually, Kerry, you are getting this and I expect that it will be prominently displayed.

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10 thoughts on “Food on a Stick: We're a'goin' to the County Fair!

  1. You had me scared for a few seconds when I first read about the zeppole and cheesecake and then saw the ride photos. I thought I was going to hear some intense barf stories coming.

    Whack-A-Mole is the supreme game of games at carnivals and arcades.

  2. Deep fried ANYTHING, Whack – a Mole and a 48 ounce daquiri? Are you kidding me!! Sounds like a blast from the past. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been to the Jersey Shore, but damn girl that sounds like a shit load of fun.

  3. For some reason (neurosis) it bothers me that I know what your Heterosexual Life Partner looks like, but I have no idea what you look like.

    Probably the same disorder that forces me to list first, middle, and last names for phone number entries in my phone.

  4. amy, eating dinner before we went to the fair was our tragic mistake.

    rachel, i’m sure there were intense barf stories. they’re just not mine, thank god.

    maryann, and we weren’t even down the shore. think how much better this would have been if it had been the ocean county fair.

    kristie, do not think that the omission is accidental.

  5. Fair food. Dear God, I love it. Roasted corn on the cob. Gyros. Barbecued bologna. Onion blossoms. Sweet potato fries. Corn dogs. Homemade ice cream. Spaghetti gravy. Chocolate gravy.

    I do draw the line at deep fried Twinkies, Oreos and Snickers bars. I have tried all of them. None are fit to eat.

  6. A kitchy tee wearing dolphin and you thought of me? how sweet. It will be displayed affectionately next to the clay art and macaroni necklaces the kids made when they were 8.

    If you’re searching for food on a stick, the West Virginia State Fair is next week.

    Looking forward to Labor Day…. bring the dolphin : )

  7. Deep fried stuff! My favorite is bacon (precooked) dipped in pancake batter and fried crispy. I did tempura duck hearts and livers every chance I got as staff snack, I’ve deep fried grapes in a peanut-butter laced batter, and if there’s a candy I haven’t deep fried I don’t know about it. My favorite was $100,000. Grand Bars (Caramel and crisp rice, covered in chocolate). Starbursts did not work, and I thought the deep fried twinkies would kill me if I actually finished one. By the way, Michele, in my mind you are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. We don’t need a picture to tell us that you’re lovely.

  8. That ferris wheel looking, hang out in the middle of the air thing looks AWESOME. I’ve never seen that at any of the fairs around here, but I shall be on the look out.

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