7 thoughts on “999/1000 Words

  1. Ya know, I generally don’t miss living in Jersey. Then some pain in the ass has to remind me about diner food. We may have fresh air, small towns and cute little farms (cows, chickens, goats and such), but damn it, no a decent dine to be found!

    I hope diner food, along with the Abilify helps! Feel better soon, it’s kinda dull without you :)

  2. Mmm..nice onion rings. That bacon in the photo didn’t actually stay uneaten I hope.

    New Jersey does have fresh air and farms and small towns. I spend much of my weekend in a rural NJ paradise!

  3. tina, i’ll trade onion rings and a piece of cheesecake for a goat anytime.

    toylady, well played.

    jenertia, anytime. i fucking hate pickles. good cucumber ruined.

    rachel, we go there specifically for the quality of 1. their french toast and 2. the onion rings.

    and yes, we do have a considerable amount of nature. we’re not just newark airport and the turnpike.

    anna, you didn’t see how big the pile was when we started.

  4. Yes, gang, I know there are farms and fresh air and even goats in New Jersey. However, I am originally from Paterson (and yes, I accept your condolences); there are certain things that have not occurred naturally in Paterson for many years, the foremost being fresh air (need I mention the Passaic River, and the lovely aroma which emanates from it?). Certainly, if you are fortunate enough to venture north or south of that area (or west, for that matter), you will absolutely encounter some beautiful countryside. Sorry if I offended anyone!

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