The Frig? When Macro Lenses Run Amok

It’s been a while, my friends, has it not?

I challenge you to identify this substance, brought to you by kevindooley and his obscene collection of hyper-uber-macro lenses. Ponder this, while I spend an evening drinking beer and TOTALLY NOT playing Dungeons and Dragons while eating ice cream with last night’s leftover hot fudge.

The frig?

(Seriously, though, check out the guy’s other pix: fricking gorgeous work.)

13 thoughts on “The Frig? When Macro Lenses Run Amok

  1. A lizard that has rolled around in sand and gravel…in the frig. And yes, I HAVE been drinking some blackberry wine I got last night at a local food festival…why do you ask?

  2. Some kind of pistachio sweet? I’m thinking something Middle Eastern-ish.

    Either that or a little nubbin of spinach gnocchi that fell on the kitchen floor and rolled under the counter where that broken glass never got totally cleaned up, along with all those crumbs that were out of sight, out of mind?

    (That doesn’t actually happen in my kitchen, I swear. I’ve never made gnocchi.)

  3. lol *cheated and looked at Flicker images* Just have to say… anyone who “guesses” that cheated too…

  4. Haha. It never occurred to me that I could cheat and look it up. I feel both smug and vaguely dirty about it.

  5. Nice. Something with breadcrumbs… maybe?
    I love these challenges. I’m always wrong, but it doesn’t really matter :)

  6. It looks like guacamole on fries – really, it does look like something that is probably not gross at all, even delicious, if it’s not super close-up.

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