Thursday Night Smackdown: Shockingly Palatable!

Funny story, I was uploading the pictures and writing the post about this cantaloupe grappa semifreddo from Gourmet while waiting for my mini test-freddo to freeze. (The whole loaf pan is going to take a lot longer, and I don’t trust my ability to unmold and photograph semifreddo at 2:30am. Or my ability to wake myself up at 2:30 to do so) And since I didn’t have the “finished” picture, I put in a placeholder in the space above that read “BEAUTY SHOT.”

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Awesome Shit That I Want Monday

What I really REALLY want is for Fox not to air that horrific “The Bachelor: Plus Size Ladies Edition.” Let’s marginalize AND objectify size 14+ women AT THE SAME TIME. Genius! Show it on the National Geographic channel as a disturbing sociological study, fine. On Fox? May ravens pluck out mine eyes.


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