Awesome Shit That I Want Tuesday

I want to be genteel.  That’s a little difficult to pull off when you’ve spent the past 72 hours tweeting about your bowel problems to total strangers, but I think I could do it if I had this.

(HEY! YOU! Yes you, the person not bothering to go past the jump. Top Chef Masters premiers tomorrow night!  Be here, or be somewhere else.  But it’s way more fun to be here.)

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Cheap Ass Monday: Belated Roundup

Exciting news, everyone: I ate a bowl of Rice Krispies tonight!  Of course, it wasn’t all that long ago, so there might still be gastro-intestinal repercussions.

It goes without saying that I’m not cooking tonight.  Unless you count opening bottles of Gatorade as cooking, in which case I’ve been cooking up a storm. (Also: Gatorade is VILE. How do they fool so many people into buying it?  Do people really drink it, or is it used mainly as an industrial solvent?)  Instead, I bring you the Hobo Monday roundup that I was meant to have brought you on Saturday morning except that I didn’t want to sully the new MacBook Pro by bringing it into the shitter with me.

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Wednesday, I'm in Love

I’m sorry to report that dinner tonight has been pre-empted by a new MacBook Pro, the fiddling with which is consuming all my free time.

In lieu of food, I have a question and an important public service message, both from people named Jodi-with-an-“i.”  And I’m not kidding about the public service part; you should all read it and then hie to engage in some altruistic behvaior.  Unless you don’t want to help cure cancer.

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