Awesome Shit I Want Monday & A Not-So-Bleak Announcement

Pouring small amounts of liquid has never been so sensual.

Especially if they’re being poured from an overpriced ceramic vessel. You know how I love an overpriced ceramic thingy for which I have neither money nor room in my kitchen.

I especially like it when the ceramics are of questionable functionality.  Like this thing: it solves the age old “how do I blot the artisinal olive oil from my piece of pain de campagne in an effective yet modern fashion?” conundrum. There are cave paintings in Lascaux illustrating this age-old human dilemma.

Luckily, this olive oil platter solves that dilemma with only 75% chance of spilling oil over the side of the plate and all over your favorite pants. Thank god!

But that other pour-y thing, I totally want. At the current Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate, it’s a bargain at $162. You can’t put a price tag on pouring maple syrup over your weekend pancakes in such a sultry fashion.

Non-Bleak Announcement! Bleak Soup winner jkc was thrilled to win, but was so overwrought by Rob’s post-apocolyptic yarn that she has conceded her victory!  Rob, send me your mailing address to claim your winnings, and never suffer the indignity of bleak soup again.

7 thoughts on “Awesome Shit I Want Monday & A Not-So-Bleak Announcement

  1. Rob’s bleak yarn had me in the fetal position…it had to be rewarded. I’ll just make someone buy me the awesome soup book :) And that olive oil platter…I’d have olive oil everywhere BUT on the bread. The “pour-y thing”…well, I didn’t know I wanted it until I saw the picture. Now I’m wondering how in the world I’ve lived without it. Your “awesome shit” posts always do this to me.

  2. jkc, that is very kind and awesome of you. I hope you are rewarded by someone buying you the awesome soup book AND the “pour-y thing” because you certainly deserve it. :)

  3. I just want the factory that makes the little pour-y thing, along with all kinds of other can’t-live-without-it awesome shit that I can charge $162 for.

  4. $162 bucks for a piece of ceramic crap that my cat will break upon entrance into my home. Yeah, why not.

  5. That looks like Casper the friendly ghost/monk/nun just puked something ghastly into his cupped hands, and he’s just like STARING at it.

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