Executive Decision Re: Days of the Week and Rearrangement Thereof

You know, Mondays stress me out.

First of all, it’s a Monday, that magical, magical day when you get to take a deep breath and check your email to see whether a shitstorm has occurred over the weekend. It’s like Opposite Christmas! Then Brian has band practice at night at a studio an hour away, which means making dinner can’t take that long.  THEN my job has shifted and I’m working later than I have before, meaning even LESS time. As the day goes on, I wonder how late I’ll be at work, and how long I’ll have to cook, and do I want to go down to band practice with Brian, and how much time does THAT leave me, and will Lee’s Fruit and Vegetables have what I need or will I have to traipse around town looking for it AND THIS ALL STRESSES ME OUT.  And this is with medication, god save us.

And then I thought, wait a second here.  This is MY BLOG.

Therefore, I decree that Cheap Ass Monday is, as of today, transmogrifying into Cheap Ass Tuesday, leaving Mondays free for Awesome Shit, The Frig, or maybe just a nap after work.  Accordingly, Hobo Monday becomes Hobo Tuesday.

The remaining weekdays stay the same; I can only take enough upheaval in one afternoon.

The Management

8 thoughts on “Executive Decision Re: Days of the Week and Rearrangement Thereof

  1. Yeah, fuck Mondays. By the time I get home, I’m really excited for a bowl of Cheerios and wasting time on the internet. Hobo Mondays always made me feel bad about not bringing up my game, but now I can put off the guilt until Tuesday.

  2. You can even call it Tightarse Tuesday (or, Tight-Ass Tuesday, I guess) – that’s what we call it here (in Australia) when cinemas have cheap tickets on Tuesday nights.

  3. Screw Mondays anyway! Take care of yourself woman. Hobo it out when it’s convenient for you. We’ll still be here!

  4. So . . . Hobo Mondays are now Cheap Arse Tuesdays, and Cool Shit I Want Tuesdays are now Whatever I Feel Like Mondays, but Top Chef (or whatever’s live) is still Wednesday, and Thursday Night is still Smackdown.

    OK. Got it.



    Thanks for the heads up. I’d hate to come here on a Tuesday looking for Cool Shit, and end up with a Cheap Ass. . .

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