Awesome Shit That I Want Tuesday

SLEEP.  Dear god, I need to sleep.  Does anyone know where I can get some? I can pay for the good stuff. I don’t even need a real mattress or pillow; a big piece of cardboard and a beach towel would be fine.

For people who were there and wanted recipes for things: Here are some that are already up.  New recipes will come once I snag some photos from Roboppy (since I’m always too busy at these to take and hers are better anyway), attempt to quantify the many things we didn’t actually measure and am able to walk in a straight line again.

  • Mojo Pulled Pork (this year the  mop used lime juice instead of vinegar, and you can simplify the rub by just using store-bought adobo seasoning)

For people that weren’t there, I’m sure the people who were will tell you what you missed in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Tuesday

  1. Hope sleep occurs soon, on a beachtowel or otherwise. And don’t know where i’ve been but thanks for the reminder about that banana pudding because I MUST make it at some stage. We even have that same kind of rock hard ginger cookie here in NZ. Miracle.

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