Phases 2 and 2a: Complete

Phase 2.1: Admiration

Phase 2.2: Full Body Adobo Rubdown

Phase 2.3: Grillage avec Mop du Mojo

Phase 2.a.1: Legume Porkification (see trays under the pork, slowly absorbing porky juice and fat)


Tomorrow: Chicken thighs, portobellos, 4 different barbeque sauces, and a gallon of pastry cream.

9 thoughts on “Phases 2 and 2a: Complete

  1. One year I was charged with cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey. My quote of the weekend (in regards to the paprika-butter rub for the turkey) was, “huh… I guess I should have tied him up Before I rubbed him down.” Giggles ensued.

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