It begins.

The Jerk-inspired dry rub. I mean the classic Jamaican seasoning mix, not Glen Beck.

The pork. Oh, the pork.

The dry rub ON the pork.

The SARAN WRAP. Okay, off-brand saran wrap. But there was a lot of it. And then I signed on to Fresh Direct and spent $43 on potatoes.

Nine racks didn’t really cut it last year for our carrion bird-like friends who apparently subsist on cabbage water the rest of the year, so this year we got a dozen.  I mean, along with the three pork butts and 26 pounds of chicken; a dozen racks of ribs is really more like an appetizer than a meal. Sure, it’s 40 pounds, but it’s mostly bone.*

The smoking begins tomorrow morning and continues all weekend.  Literally.  Send an offering to the gods for good weather.

*Maybe we should have gotten two dozen.  The Girl Who Ate Everything always brings a posse the size of Arcade Fire.

10 thoughts on “It begins.

  1. Um, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything, but eventually these porn/pork-tastic photos you give us will no longer be enough. You will have to get all Star Trek on our asses and develop transporter technology.

    None of that Spaceballs gak, mind you. No, real, live, works and doesn’t put the bones on the outside of the meat transporters that can get those ribs in my belly!

    And on another pop-culture related note…

    You had me at “three pork butts.”

  2. I’d just like to say how happy it made me to see your blog Gordon-fucking-Ramsay-free this morning. And pork butts only made it better!

  3. We Floridians have the rain covered, you should be good to go. Mmmmmm pork butt. Damn girl that looks amazing. Happy Memorial Day and Happy Eating!!

  4. allison, you’re telling me. the ribs are going to be done smoking by tonight and I DON’T GET TO EAT ANY UNTIL MONDAY. it’s a form of emotional self-flagellation.

    krisin, (1) it’s a lot of fricking potatoes and (2) yes, they are fancy-pants potatoes. my potato salad isn’t a boiled potato/mayo affair, it’s three kinds of roasted potatoes tossed with three kinds of onions. and i like the wee creamy potatoes for roasting. and 20 pounds of the wee potatoes costs a lot more than a bag o’ russets.

    this is why we have to save up all year for memorial day. I SHALL SKIMP NOT ON THE POTATOES.

    geeking, i believe the transporter technology you speak of already exists. it’s called “get on a plane and fly to new jersey.”

    emily, not as happy as it made me not to have to watch gordon ramsay.

    holly, the it’s the country of how-many-friends-can-fit-into-a-15×30 garden.

    thank god we decided to make the office into a den with a sofa and chairs and all that good shit, or else we’d be up the river.

    maryann, thanks for getting my back on that.

    i’m at work but i just checked in with the pitmaster. ribs are in the smoker and working away. i should have more photos with which to taunt you this evening.

  5. Seriously need more photos. BBQ is my PORN.

    I roasted some fingerling potatoes recently. Was shocked at how much better (and different) they were.

  6. Dunno what it is about Mem Day and grilling — I’m doing pork chops tomorrow night, wild turkey breasts on Sunday before the fireworks at the marina, and probably burgers and brats on Monday. I don’t have the oomph to do shoulders or butts or ribs until I get my pit down here to the lake. I’ll enjoy yours vicariously.

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