Daily grocery shopping, Italian style

That’s what we’re going to be doing for the next week, because the inside of our fridge? Looks like this:

If you’re playing at home: 15 pounds of pork butt, 26 pounds of chicken thighs, 40 pounds of baby back ribs, 2 smokers (in the backyard, not the fridge), 12 hours, 1 afternoon of greatness.

T-minus one week and it is ON. The Porkening III: Smoke With a Vengeance.

7 thoughts on “Daily grocery shopping, Italian style

  1. That is fucking fantastic. I’m wondering where the Italian part comes in, as so far it is just an orgy of meat.

  2. Oh God, I seriously need a moment alone after seeing that…

    That much porky goodness, and two smokers just waiting!!! This is some serious food porn in the making!

  3. vera, if only.

    chessa, it means i’m going to have to shop for each day’s meals on that day, because there is no room for any kind of food storage amongst the piles of pork (there’s even more in other parts of the fridge that didn’t make it into the pic).

    allison, damn right you are.

    tina, the porkening is no joke. there were a few other bloggers at the porkening II, and they can vouch. we don’t fuck around when it comes to smoked pork.

  4. I’m going to kick myself for not being there, but a couple of months ago we invited friends to our (much smaller, and no doubt less delicious) smoked pork-a-thon for Memorial Day weekend.

    I weep.

  5. amy, we haven’t even bought the sausage from the old and angry polish ladies down the street yet.

    the correct thing to do here would be to cancel your barbecue and bring all your friends to ours. barring that, don’t make the same mistake next year. i expect to see you at the porkening IV.

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