Roundup kills weeds dead

Guestwriting for me is really a thankless job, I’m a taskmaster.  Thanks to all who stepped in to pinch hit, including those whose work didn’t make it up because I had to come back before I got too spoiled having people fight over posting on my behalf.  Let’s give all the brave souls a round of applause:

No Recipes: Wins my heart with smoked pork belly with lentils
cook eat FRET: She wants me to have awesome shit
Qui Si Mangia Bene: One killer reuben
Gild the Voodoolily: She’s pregnant and crazy
Fotocuisine: Two words: Thomas Keller
Unintended Byproducts: She gets drunk out of animal heads
Minimally Invasive: Vegan-snubbing pea ravioli
Pistols and Popcorn: Your guide to being hungover in Japan
Everybody Likes Sandwiches: Trust her, she’s beautiful
Culinary Sherpas: Cursing like syphillitic Marseillese sailors
Leena Eats this Blog: Killing us softly with masala

Take your bows!

Okay, show’s over now. EYES BACK ON ME, FUCKERS.

0 thoughts on “Roundup kills weeds dead

  1. They were great (loved the Sherpas!), but I’m here to read YOU and damn glad you’re feeling better. Or at least guilt-stricken enough you’ve come back to your adoring fans.

  2. Your guest writers were just fine and dandy, but there ain’t nothin like the real thing, baby. Glad you’re back!

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