It's-Not-Thursday-Night Smackdown: Smoked Out

I trust Martin Yan.  The apron, the wok-related aphorisms, the unflagging enthusiasm.  He’s lovable.  He’s approachable.  He’s like the Bob Ross of instructional Chinese food public television programming.  Happy little Peking duck.  Happy little scallion pancakes.

Granted, instructional Chinese food public television programming is a bit of a niche market, so that’s kinda like calling my only brother my favorite brother, but it does not diminish the warm fuzzies he inspires. (Martin Yan, I mean. My brother does not generally inspire the warm fuzzies, although he does remain my favorite brother.  I mean it.)

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Cheap Ass Monday: Paladin Defenders vs. +4 Empanadas

So I was on Amazon the other day spending some of my hard-earned kickbacks affiliate payments, and I took a look at some of what people were buying. All those of you who bought the Charlie Palmer book, good job. For whoever bought the Dungeons and Dragons books, don’t worry because (1) Amazon doesn’t tell me who you are and (2) I cannot judge you as harshly as I would someone who purchased, for example, a Rachael Ray book, as I have openly admitted in this very forum to having played Magic: The Gathering. I too have been intimate with a 20-sided die. (Although let’s be frank: I’m not still buying that crap.) But like I said, no judgment.

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Weird Science

Is anyone having feed-related issues the past few days?  Because half of you have been disappearing and then reappearing every other day with impressive regularity.  If you’re experiencing weirdness on your end or haven’t been getting posts, can you let me know?  I need to know whether to direct my angst toward FeedBurner or your spastic disappearing acts.  (Otherwise, I’ll follow the classic rule and direct it toward the guest. Always blame the guest.)