Awesome Shit I That Want Tuesday

Say hi to Unintended Byproducts‘ Holly – she’s done an excellent job finding some awesome shit that I want! Once you’re done figuring out how to rob to pay for this awesome shit, why not read the past several guest posts from some other kick-ass bloggers, if you haven’t already? Which you should have. (If you’re wondering why all the guests: go here.)

There’s a lot of crazy house-y stuff out there. But my ‘Christmas‘Birthday‘ ‘Buy Me Something Cause I’m Awesome’ list is always evolving to include Michelle’s finds (seriously, I want this platter in a bad, bad way). So, yeah, I’m really glad to be able to sneak away from my blog to help out and playing around on her blog for a bit – thank you, Michelle!

Keeping with the awesome animal-themed housewares, and my own it’s-only-Tuesday-and-I’m-already-thinking-about-shots-theme, I give you shot glasses. Black, pewter shot glasses. Black, pewter shot glasses with ANIMAL HEADS!  Because animals are cooler when you can drink out of their heads

Animal Shot Glasses

I don’t know why I love these things. They’re not crazy expensive – the whole set will set me (or whom ever I can trick into buying them for me…) back $120ish, so they’re utterly attainable. I think it may be the motley crew of beasts – find me the common thread between Bear, Rhino, Moose, Deer & Ram, and you’re a better person then I (other then the obvious “they can all balance on their heads with the greatest of ease,” which I respect and find quite useful, but doesn’t seem like quite enough to make the designer sit up in bed late at night and go “It’s clear to me! I know exactly what animals to pair together in my ode to pewter shot glass set!“).

Maybe it’s some weird alternative food chain? Animals that you’d never find at a petting zoo? Gang of wild beasts that will look awesome on my wine fridge? Yep, that’s the one.

0 thoughts on “Awesome Shit I That Want Tuesday

  1. Horny animal shot glasses! How did the bear get in there? Oh, never mind, bears can do whatever they want because they are bears. LOVE THEM AND WANT THEM TOO!!

  2. I want I want! I need to find these for my boyfriend. He hunts and he grew up with ‘heads’ all over the walls. He’ll love these.

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